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StarGate 3DS, the Top 1 3ds card to buy for playing 3DS and DS games on any 3DS model or firmware version. It supports 3DS&NDS games, also runs NTRboothax to install 3DS CFW. The flashcard is plug&play. Order in our site, you can get a Stargate 3ds with a LOWER price, a fast shipping from USA&France and a secure Paypal payment.

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StarGate 3DS Flashcard

StarGate 3DS, the top 1 flashcard to buy for playing 3DS and DS games on any 3DS model or firmware version. It supports 3DS V11.13.0 and 3DS&NDS Games, also runs NTRboothax to install 3DS CFW.

Purchase Notice: 3 to 7 Days' Delivery via USPS to USA.

stargate 3ds cheapest price on Sale USA and EU shipping 

The flashcard is plug&play, working on 3ds v11.13.0-45 and compatible with all NEW 2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS/3DS XL consoles. Order in our site, you can get a Stargate 3ds flashcard with a cheap price, a fast shipping from America or France, and a secure payment-Paypal.

What is Stargate 3DS?

It's a new revolution in the flashcart market - Stargate 3DS is developed to play 3DS, NDS, GBA, NES/SNES games on all consoles models & versions of Nintendo 3DS/XL, 2DS/XL, NEW 3DS/XL. With this card, you will be able to play all these games freely, no need to check your console version, no need to mess around with dangerous hacks, and just PLUG & PLAY!

What's more, Stargate 3DS also supports NTRboothax / Magnethax to run CFW(Boot9strap) on FW v11.13 consoles. All in all, no matter you simply want a powerful flashcard for playing free 3DS/NDS/GBA/SNES games, or you're looking for the full hack of Nintendo 3DS system with Custom Firmware -- Stargate 3DS is obviously a must have companion.

Stargate 3DS Features

  • Supports all Nintendo 3DS/XL, NEW 3DS/XL, 2DS/XL, NEW 2DS XL firmware versions and from any region
  • Support 3DS System version 11.13.0-45 U/E/J/K
  • Support for DS roms, 3DS roms, GBA/NES/SNES emulators(future)
  • DS mode GUI menu
  • High performance ultra low power SoC
  • Support for NTRboothax / Magnethax
  • Fully updatable,No need for complicated processes. No programming skills required. Just Plug & Play

Setup Stargate 3DS on any 3DS/2DS

Stargate 3D is easy to install and operate, just play and plug.

  1. Format a microSD card as FAT32, and download "system files" from the download part of
  2. Copy "system files" and 3DS/NDS games to your microSD card.
  3. Download ds and 3ds games from, drag only .ds/.3ds files to your Microsd card.
  4. Insert microSD card to Stargate 3DS, insert the Stargate 3DS into the 3DS console and turn it on.

Stargate 3DS Compatibility

After testing, it works on any 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL consoles. Of couse, supports 3DS system v11.13 to v1.0, no exception.

Flashcard Review

Stargate 3ds is our Easiest option to play both free NDS and 3DS games. Though it isn't region free to play 3ds games, supporting GBA/SNES emulators for now, if what you need is just finding a safe and simply way to play 3DS/DS games, the Stargate 3ds is the best flashcard to buy.

When compared with Sky3ds+: It can't play the newest 3ds games like the Sky3ds+, such as the Pokemon ultra Sun or Moon, to you want to access All 3DS Games, choose to buy the Sky3ds plus, but remember the sky3ds+ isn't playing ds games.

When compared with Gateway 3ds: It's an old 3ds flashcard, still working within 3ds firmware version from v4.1 to v9.2. Gateway 3ds is not recommended for playing Nintendo 3ds games any more in 2020.

Its Pros

  • Fully plug and play.
  • Supports 90% of 3DS games per console region (future updates will allow the entire library to run).
  • Supports all DS games.
  • Supports exFAT and FAT32 file systems (older 4GB 3DS ROMs do work in exFAT).
  • Support NTRboothax to install CFW/Boot9strap.
  • Drag and drop ROM file support to microSD card.
  • Does not require any files to be installed on the console’s internal SD card.
  • Does not require the 3DS console to be software or hardware modified.
  • Supports both DS and 3DS games.
  • Supports online gaming.
  • On the fly switching between DS and 3DS mode.
  • 3DS and DS ROMs supported within the DS mode menu.
  • Super NES and a few more in house emulators are in the works.
  • Low power consumption SoC design.
  • Updates for years to come (no need to buy a new flash cart later).
Play Nintendo DS GamesFor 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL/NDS
Play Nintendo 3DS GamesFor 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL

Here is the user guide of Stargate 3ds, after you getting the Stargate 3ds card from us, just follow the below Tutorial to setup it on your console, it is playing both DS and 3DS games on your 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL console, with any firmware version. Plus, if you don't care about ds gaming, only wants to play all 3DS Games, we recommend you choose Sky3ds+ not the Stargate 3ds card.


Format your Microsd card

  • Insert your Micro SD card into your card reader connected to your PC. Right-Click on the drive and select Format.

setup stargate 3ds on 3ds

  • Change the File System type to "exFAT" and Allocation Unit Size to "Default" .
  • Give the drive a volume label, select Quick Format, and press Start.
  • The Micro SD card is now ready to be used in your StarGate !

format sd card for stargate 3ds

Download DS System Files

download stargate 3ds system file

  • Download the DS Menu System Files from the StarGate website and save them to your PC.

Download 3DS Game Roms

  • Download the 3DS roms from the Internet, one of the good 3ds rom sites is, please attention that you should decompress the file to .3ds format. 


stargate 3ds operations on 3ds

  1. Open the and drag the contents onto your prepared Micro SD card.
  2. To help keep your files organized, create an "NDS"  folder for storing your Nintendo DS ROMs. 3DS ROMs should be placed in the root of the Micro SD card.
  3. When copying your 3DS ROMs to your Micro SD card, be sure that the game matches the correct region for your console. DS ROMs do not require you to use the correct region, and any region version will work on StarGate in DS Mode.
  4. For playing 3ds games: With the Micro SD card in your StarGate, inserting the StarGate into your 2DS/3DS will show the first ROM file and be ready for play. Use the buttons on the StarGate to navigate through your 3DS ROM collection. 
  5. For playing ds games: To switch the StarGate to DS mode, press both the Previous and Next button at the same time— be careful not to press too hard and eject the cartridge from your system. The inserted game will change to "Alex Rider Stormbreaker". Launch this to get to the StarGate DS Mode Menu.


  • If you created an "NDS" folder earlier, you can tap or press A to browse it and select the DS ROM, Game, or Emulator you would like to play.
  • To return to 3DS mode, simply press the 2 Home Buttons on the Stargate 3ds.

Don't send from China!

I'm in USA, and I pay for usps shipment, so please do not ship from China.

Reply: Yes, no worry, we ship from USA directly.


    Play NDS and 3DS games well

    my son receive the stargate 3ds, and has tested the NDS games and 3DS games, all of these games work well


      Stargate 3ds

      Great flashcart, but still has some flaws. Some newer 3ds games don't work and are not region free. The DS games on the other hand work marvelous and are all region free. There are no GBA/SNES/NES/emulators yet to be presented. I've been waiting for the firmware update for a few months now on the Stargate 3DS website, but nothing has been posted up yet for the emulators. Hopefully soon. Crossing fingers!


        Very helpful and responsive

        Very helpful and responsive, Couldn't ask for a better experience.


          10/10 - Fantastic customer service

          Ordered a software license from them. After about 10 minutes, I received an email directly from Allen3DS that the payment was still processing, and asking if I'd like help speeding it up. I told him yes, and within 5 minutes the order was processed and I had my license key.

          If I had known about the level of customer care 3ds-flashcart provides when I first came onto the scene, I would have done my business exclusively through them. Allen is knowledgeable, professional and works extremely quickly to take care of problems. The discord channel provides a direct communication line with high availability that could be incredibly useful to someone just starting out.

          10/10, wish I could give more than 5 stars. And I will be recommending them to my friends any time they have Homebrew needs.


            Play DS and 3ds games

            My friend recommend your site to me, and within 2 days, I have received the stargate 3ds, now I will play DS and 3DS games on it


              Work on Nintendo 2ds xl 11.6?

              I have one Nintendo 2ds xl 11.6, and I want use the stargate3ds to play ds and 3ds roms, it can work ?

              Reply: Yes, you can use the stargate 3ds to play ds and 3ds games on your Nintendo 2ds xl 11.6



                Really easy to shop with, from payment to shipping, fast and simple!


                  Excellent for all

                  Really quick receipt of stargate, flashcard is as described. Would definitely recommend.


                    card delivered promptly

                    Ships from CA in USA, 6 days to my home, good service.


                      Fedex from USA please

                      Hello, I ordered SX Pro, Stargate 3DS, StargateNX from you, please send them from USA and with fedex shipping, so I can get them in 3 days like your other customer.


                        Shipping from EU is awasome

                        I bought from many sites, they were sending from China, but you are different, that's amazing!!!


                          very well

                          The Stargate 3DS is an excellent flashacrd my son uses it easily, the games load quickly. There is still a menu to choose his game as on other linkers, it deserves well and 5 stars. Congratulations also for the site which gives all the information necessary to start with complete tutorials and clear on the possibilities offered by the product.


                            No duty

                            Receive the flashcard, it works well and I am 100% for free on Duty like the seller promised, great.


                              cheap 3ds card and works

                              Flash card arrives shortly and it works on my 3ds xl console, play both ds and 3ds games, a good purchase.


                                AU shipping is the Best!

                                You did a great job for shipping to Australia, I only pay 5 dollars and get it in 8 days, thanks a bunch.



                                  Have got my Stargate 3ds, and have followed with the offical site, thanks for your help.


                                    The Support Customer Service is GREAT!!!!!

                                    Got Stargate 3ds with shipping from EU, no Tax !
                                    highly recommended,
                                    Very helpful support as well. Thanks !


                                      Change to Sky3ds+?

                                      Hello, if I want to play all 3DS Games, do I need to change to Sky3ds plus?
                                      Edit: Yes, Sky3ds+ is the best 3ds game flashcard supporting nearly all 3DS roms.


                                        16 days to Canada via Free shipping

                                        If anyone of you also choose free shipping, their time frame is around 16 business days and you can get a tracking number email within 24 hours.


                                          Good price and card

                                          Till now, every game runs smoothly and I don't have any problem on using the card. Also, thanks for letting me pay via Paypal, Angela!


                                            Amazing seller and Product

                                            Works great for just about everything I tested it on and it was delivered reasonably quickly, 6 days in USA.


                                              Works as advertised (!)

                                              Love my Stargate 3ds - runs perfectly on my 2DS. Recommended A++++++++++ etc. Plays games perfectly and also your site does such a Quick shipment from the Europe.


                                                Great product

                                                I'm really happy with this. It's nice to be able to play both NDS and 3DS games into a cartridge.


                                                  Reliable site

                                                  The Stargate 3ds is authentic


                                                    7 days from France to Italy

                                                    Item arrived in good condition and well pack... highly recommended seller


                                                      Thanks for the shipping number

                                                      Hi,I just found out your shipping number e-mail in the spam box, so you can ignore all my impatient messages.


                                                        Do ship from USA&FR

                                                        haha, I ordered from them with 2 different carriers, they indeed send from America and France, but they don't support shipping from USA to other countries.



                                                          Hi, my order stays Awaiting Payment for almost 24 hours, so I want to pay via Paypal as you suggested in email, please send me the guide.


                                                            Thank you for letting me know you can ship from FR to EU countri

                                                            I choose EU shipment not the express one finally, thanks for letting me know you can ship from France to my country, so I don't need to worry about the Tax.


                                                              Work on my NEW 3DS XL V11.8

                                                              Tested and it works for both ds and 3ds games, a good present for my little Boy.

                                                                Write your review!

                                                                Write a review

                                                                StarGate 3DS|Play free DS and 3DS Games

                                                                StarGate 3DS|Play free DS and 3DS Games

                                                                StarGate 3DS, the Top 1 3ds card to buy for playing 3DS and DS games on any 3DS model or firmware version. It supports 3DS&NDS games, also runs NTRboothax to install 3DS CFW. The flashcard is plug&play. Order in our site, you can get a Stargate 3ds with a LOWER price, a fast shipping from USA&France and a secure Paypal payment.

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