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R4i gold 3ds plus with preflashed NTRboothax and a switch to return to DS mode is here to buy for hacking Nintendo 3DS to play DS games and install CFW. Safe payment, worldwide shipping and fast delivery within 7 days via carrier in USA and EU to R4i 3ds gold plus order. It is playing NDS games without timebomb and support installing CFW to any 3DS firmware version.

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  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 32GB SD Card
  • 64GB SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card
  • No SD Card
  • R4i gold+Sky3ds Plus
  • Xecuter SX Pro

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To those of you looking for the best R4i gold card to buy, without any doubt R4i gold 3ds plus rts is the one! Safe PP&Credit card payment, fast shipping from USA and France, full tutorials for your R4i 3ds gold plus order.

2020 Sale: 3 to 7 DAYS' Delivery, Select Paid Shipment for Sending from USA&FR

buy r4i gold 3ds plus witch cheap price

If your R4 order stays Payment Error after payment or you want to pay via Paypal, please email to, we will send you our Paypal guide to complete the Payment.

R4i Gold 3DS Plus Introduction

From the same people that bring us the R4i Gold 3DS card now comes the newest R4I GOLD 3DS PLUS.  It is a DS Mode card with a built in switch to make it fully compatible for ntrboothax.

R4i Gold 3DS Plus is an upgraded version of Wood R4i Gold 3DS RTS card.

Compared with the original R4i Gold 3DS RTS, it's pre-flashed with NTRboothax and has a switch button inside the flashcard shell, so it is much easier to use for installing B9S/3DS CFW as well as playing normal DS games on you 3DS, New 3DS, 2DS and New 2DS handheld devices.

All in all, R4i Gold 3DS Plus card supports to play both Nintendo DS and 3DS games(CIA Format) at a very cheap/ affordable price! If you are looking for the R4 card hacks Nintendo Switch, the R4s Dongle plus SX OS Code are letting you playing free Switch games.

R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus features

  • The boot data is pre-flashed and users do not need to flash it with ntrboot_flasher.firm.
  • This card is completely compatible with R4i Gold RTS, which is released by the same team.
  •  Supports 3DS V11.13.0-45 and DSi V1.4.5
  •  Works on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXLDSi/DSiXL/DS/DS lite
  •  Compatible with different kinds of languages
  •  Supports Action Replay cheat
  •  Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.
  •  Support all 3DS games / DS games
  •  Support all functions of R4i Gold 3DS RTS
  •  Game Region Free
  •  Support firmware upgrade
  •  Support popular Luma3DS Custom firmware
  •  Support micro SD up to 32GB

R4I 3DS GOLD PLUS Firmware

It uses the same WoodR4 firmware or kernel the old R4i gold 3ds rts card use. Wood firmware is the most famous one and is developed by the first R4 team. So it has the best compatibility, can work on any 3DS/DSI/NDS firmware handheld. No timebomb, support nearly all DS games!

You can download from here directly:

User guide of R4i Gold 3DS Plus

  • For playing nds games: Plug and play, format your microsd card on the PC, go to to download wood firmware v1.64, go to Online site(if you don't know, join our Discord to contact Allen3ds) to download free ds roms, unzip the 2 files, put .nds and wood firmware contents to your sd card's root directory. Insert the microsd card to your R4i gold 3ds rts plus, put the r4i 3ds gold plus card to your Ninendo 3ds or dsi system device, that'all.
  • For installing CFW/B9S: It's a little complex, so follow the complete user guide from site.

Advantage of R4i Gold 3DS Plus

  1. Preflashed to be used with NTRBootHax.
  2. As it has a switch to change modes It’s not necessary to flash it again to use it in DS mode.
  3. Official support of WoodR4.
  4. This team is well known by supporting their DS flashcards.
  5. No timebomb. Other flashcards stop working when a concrete date is passed, this flashcard is free of this problem.
  6. Good compatibility.

What's included?

  •  1x R4i Gold 3DS Plus RTS Card
  •  1x MicroSDHC USB Card Reader
  •  1x Magnet
Play Nintendo DS GamesFor 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL/NDS
Play SNES/NES GamesFor Nintendo DS/DSI/DS Lite/3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL
Support NTRboothax for installing CFWFlashcarts pre-flashed NTRboothax

Here is the user guide of R4i gold 3ds plus, after you receiving the R4i 3ds plus card from us, just follow the below Tutorial to setup your R4 card, it is working on 3DS V11.10.0-43 and DS V1.4.5. First of all, open your R4i gold 3ds rts plus modchip and push the Switch to "D". 

Things you need

  • A PC or Laptop with a USB port.
  • A R4i gold 3ds plus
  • A Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, 2DS, 2DS XL or DSi, DSi XL or Nintendo DS system.
  • A Micro SD Card USB Adapter (included with each and every one of our R4 3DS cards)
  • A Micro SD Card. The R4 3DS cards are compatible with micro SD Card from 2GB right up to 32GB in size.

Step A: Format your Micro SD Card

  1. Insert your sd card to the card reader that you can get from the Pack R4i 3DS.
  2. Insert the card reader to your computer.
  3. Format the card by right-clicking on it and selecting "Format.”
  4. Select "FAT 32" and get the check mark off the "Quick format" option then click "Start.”

Step B: Download R4 3DS Kernel to the Micro SD card

setup r4i gold 3ds plus to play ds games

  1. Go to here to download the latest R4 3DS firmware or kernel wood V1.64 for the flash card. 
  2. After done, you will get a compressed kernel file as shown, simply unzip it with a winrar or 7zip software.
  3. Open the wood kerel file and copy all the contents, drag and drop them onto the root of your MicroSD card.

Step C: Download DS Games to the Micro SD card

  1. Go to the Online rom site to download NDS roms for your flash card. You can get 3ds/ds game download code after your order in our site.
  2. Make sure you download NDS games not 3DS games, you should unzip the compressed game file to get the .NDS rom.
  3. Creat a new folder called "Games" in your Micro SD and drag the .NDS files to it.

Step D: Install R4 3DS card to your Nintendo 3DS or NDS family console.

Take out the Micro sd card from your PC, insert the sd card to your R4i gold 3ds plus, then put the R4 card to your NDS or 3DS console lot.

Step E: Play Games.

Boot up your console, click the R4 icon, then you can play Games.


If you still want to install CFW via NTRboot Method via the flashcard, please follow the official guide here, remember to switch the inner button to "N" mode.


No timebomb, thanks

I want to pickup the non-timebomb flashcard, then I get this.


    Love my R4

    The card works perfect on my new 2ds xl console, I can play every game I have.


      Can you ship today?

      Yes, we can send everyday if you choose shipments from USA or France, the USPS and LA POSTE carriers.


        r4 wood kernel

        Today I received my package and installed it. It works very well.


          5 days to Switzerland

          With tracking number, it is very convenient.


            Thanks for updating tracking number

            At the beginning, I can't check the shipping process either, but later it shows on the Internet


              Hahah great r4 card

              Thank you very much, I received my package today in a very timely manner and will come to you for any other related purchase.


                r4i gold plus works well on my 3ds 11.11

                Arrived earlier than expected, I recommend this page. All without problems.


                  3 Days delivery

                  My merchandise works super well. I recommend FR Shipping.


                    Thanks for the fast shipping

                    First of all, I want to thank you for your kind help. Within 5 days, I received my product, I will soon buy the other one. Thanks again.


                      works well on my Nintendo 2ds

                      r4i gold 3ds plus is here, it works fine. Absolutely 100% recommended, thanks to FR Shipping.


                        a gidt for my little boy

                        I bought this for my son and he loves it.Thanks.


                          I think that it is a usefull site

                          I think that it is a usefull site, it's my first time to use hacking, and thanks for your site help, now I can use my r4i gold plus to play games.


                            Perfect r4 card

                            3 days passed, I received my r4i gold plus, and have tested on my 2ds, works well, will buy another one for my nephew


                              Turn that frown upside down!

                              I had a few queries stopping me from purchasing and was told to speak to Allen3ds, after contacting him on discord my questions were answered promptly and accurately, I felt reassured that I was making the right purchase and that everything would be fine... Of course IT WAS!!! Payment was nice and simple, Delivery was practically instant and Allen3ds confirmed my code just to make sure everything went super smooth.

                              Absolutely Perfect! 100% Would buy again!

                              Allen3ds couldn't have been more helpful, This is how customer service should be!


                                need help of this r4i gold 3ds plus

                                This card works beautifully, it supports every game I've tried and has no timebomb. Used it on about a dozen 3DSes to install B9S, and even used it to install fastboot3DS on one. Only downside is I can't use the old R4 menu style for nostalgia, but that's more of a nitpick.

                                Reply: after use it to flash ntrbooth and then you want to play DS games, you need to flash it back to DS mode.
                                This email seems not correct, please contact us to receive the way to flash back to DS mode


                                  Quick and simple

                                  Received package in Canada in one week, managed to install easily and works fine

                                  Included magnet and SD card reader are nice


                                    Goof R4

                                    R4i gold plus arrived on time from FR, was perfect as described, will recommend to others.


                                      First class speed and experience

                                      Shipping fast from California and the custom service is very quick as well!!!


                                        Best site to buy the r4i gold plus

                                        Very quick despatch from USA and delivery at a very reasonible price! I would use again in future and recommend to friends.


                                          Excellent super fast service

                                          ive been buying from mod3ds for a while now and all i can say is they're bloody fantasic. fast paypal payment and quick delivery. A+++


                                            I'm from Gbatemp

                                            Know you from Gbatemp, it's my first purchase from you, so far everything goes smoothly, already get the tracking number.


                                              Item comes fast

                                              Realized your shipping email in my spam box after I received the flashcard, maybe the next time I will check that box often when order from you.


                                                shipped very fast

                                                I thought I had to wait for shipping, but the fact was I got the r4i gold in 4 days, Very happy USA customer,you are great!


                                                  Very good product

                                                  order the Monday received on Friday morning with a big fear that I never receive my order because not knowing the site of sale to apprehend a little but received is perfectly works easy product and the tutorials are very simple to assimilate.
                                                  otherwise the amount levied is not the same as the one on the invoice because product being stocked abroad in my opinion but just 1 or 2 euro more than what is expected voila everything is said


                                                    I will spread you on all online sites

                                                    I'm super satisfied with all your service, shipping, payment and the communication. You are the best flashcard store I've experienced. Thanks a ton, Angela!!!


                                                      R4i gold 3ds plus+32GB SD Card

                                                      Both are working well on my console, Good seller with shipping from USA.


                                                        2019 r4i gold

                                                        Not sure choose this one or R4i gold pro, then Angela tells me this one has no Timebomb, then I buy it finally, thanks a lot.


                                                          Receive r4i gold 3ds plus and a magnet

                                                          Confirmed, I have receive the flashcard and a magnet both, thank you.


                                                            R4i gold 3ds plus, no Timebomb

                                                            Flashcard received via France shipping, it's the one I need, without the timebomb, already confirmed.


                                                              Paypal supported USA seller

                                                              You can email the admin to get their Paypal guide because they don't support Visa, I follower their guide and send paypal payment, card arrived 5 days ago, everything went fine.


                                                                It is very efficient communication and delivery

                                                                I contacted them by Discord, the reply is fast and patient so I have trust in them to place the order.


                                                                  Thanks for the qucik reply!

                                                                  I got 2 USD discount here, i hope i can get more discount next time.


                                                                    2 days delivery with upgraded shipping-Fedex

                                                                    Hi, thanks again to let me know I could upgrade shipping to Fedex in USA for getting it so fast, only 2 days, it arrives at my home, thanks a bunch!


                                                                      Full package

                                                                      Hi, just let you know, I gets everything in the box, the r4i gold 3ds plus, a magnet and a usb card reader, thank you much. Will order again for my bother soon, this time I know not choose free shipping but USPS.


                                                                        Very simple to use, quite reliable so far.

                                                                        It's cheap and arrived quickly in New York. Just tested it out and it works, plus it even includes a magnet I need.


                                                                          Super great product and seller

                                                                          4 days to CA of America, really fast... and I love that I can play all the games after CFW installed... this is the definitive way to play ALL NDS games!! AWESOME


                                                                            Best Flash cart ever!!

                                                                            R4i gold 3ds+ works amazingly on my new 3ds xl. DS Games and CFW load instantly. Easy to set up. Definitely worth the price!


                                                                              Works perfectly

                                                                              Original R4 works great on my DS.. Fast Delivery, came faster than expected in UK.


                                                                                Worth the 1 week wait

                                                                                Tested and works on the latest firmware of 3DS 11.8 and DSi 1.4.5U. Kernel downloaded from the label


                                                                                  Thanks for solving the payment issue.

                                                                                  Your payment company just accept my credit card, that's very fast. So in the next time, if I want to order again, I should contact you for a quick payment?


                                                                                    Payment made on sore

                                                                                    Done with your Paypal payment guide, please update the order status and ship out my R4i gold 3ds plus. Send from USA, as you say.


                                                                                      R4i gold arrived in 6 days

                                                                                      Just let you know it finally arrived 1 day later, the usps tracking number showed delivery yesterday but I just found it in maibox for now.


                                                                                        Confirmed, play ds games on 11.8 firmware

                                                                                        Hello, just let you know I receive the r4i gold card and test it on my 3ds 11.8.0-41u console, it plays ds games well. Later, I will try it to install CFW as well. Hope it will be working too.


                                                                                          Awesome, you indeed ships from EU!

                                                                                          I like your webdesign and shipping service, choose the LA POSTE for EU shipping and see it's from France really, thanks much, can't wait to receive it.

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                                                                                            R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus|Best R4I Gold for any 3DS/DSI

                                                                                            R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus|Best R4I Gold for any 3DS/DSI

                                                                                            R4i gold 3ds plus with preflashed NTRboothax and a switch to return to DS mode is here to buy for hacking Nintendo 3DS to play DS games and install CFW. Safe payment, worldwide shipping and fast delivery within 7 days via carrier in USA and EU to R4i 3ds gold plus order. It is playing NDS games without timebomb and support installing CFW to any 3DS firmware version.

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