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Ace3ds X is hacking any 3DS firmware device with Preflashed NTRboothax and playing Free DS games. It's the latest DS flashcard made by Better than Ace3ds plus, Ace3ds X supports installing CFW/B9S to any 3DS with simple steps and a switch to toggle between DS/NTR mode.

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Ace3ds X is preflashed NTRboothax and supporting DS games like the Ace3ds plus. It is the latest flashcard made by Better than Ace3ds plus, ace3ds x supports installing CFW/B9S to any 3DS with easier steps and has a switch on the card side to toggle between DS/NTR mode. Works on 3DS V11.13.0-45.

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Purchase Ace3ds x card from us, you can use Credit Card payment, choose USA or EU local carrier or free shipping and get a tracking number!

Ace3DS X for NTRboot and DS games

Ace3DS X, one new flashcard supports both DS games and 3DS CIA games(After install CFW/B9S via NTRboot). Ace3ds has a small button on the right side which can be used to switch between DS mode and 3DS mode.

When in 3DS mode, Ace3DS X is pre-flashed by NTRboothax and you can use it to install B9S/ 3DS CFW on all 3DS consoles models & versions.

When you switch to DS mode, Ace3DS X acts as an Ace3DS Plus and supports ds games greatly, no flashing is required. We have enough Ace3DS X in stock, can be send to any country of the world(United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United State and more).

Ace3DS X Compatibility

  • Ace3DS X in 3ds mode supports Nintendo New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL with any firmware version, including the latest firmware V11.13.0-45
  • Ace3DS X in DS mode supports New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL/DSiXL/DSi/DS/DS lite with any firmware version

Ace3DS X Pros

  1. Hardware: Ace3DS X has a small switch for changing between 3DS mode and DS mode
  2. Firmware: Ace3DS X uses the Wood firmware, version number is V1.62. You can also download AOS V2.13 as firmware too.
  3. (In 3DS mode)Pre-flashed NTRBOOT, supports installing boot9strap and then playing 3DS CIA games on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL with any firmware version including 3DSv11.13.0-45
  4. (In DS mode)Includes all the features of ace3ds plus and supports ds games on New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXLV11.13.0-45, DSiXL/DSiV1.45 and DS/DS lite
  5. Supports microSD card in FAT32 and up to 32GB
  6. One microSD card is needed for Ace3DS X when installing boot9strap to 3DS

Why buy Ace3DS X Card ?

  • Ace3ds X can be used to play both NDS and CIA 3DS games, no timebomb.
  • Ace3DS X flashcart can supports 3ds/2ds V11.13.0-45 and DSi v1.45 directly.
  • This is the new generation of Ace3DS Card.
  • It can work well on all N2DSXL/N3DSXL/3DSXL/3DS/NDS/NDSXL/DSi/DSi xl consoles.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We are glad to provide Ace3DS X at a cheap price with free voucher code.
  • On our website payment security guaranteed-Paypal(email to for payment guide), and good after-sales service-Refund&Exchange.
  • Your products will be sent within 24 hours in business days with a tracking number to check online. You can receive the card before Christmas by order with a paid shipment.

Ace3DS X User Guide

A. In DS mode, the using method is same as Ace3DS Plus.

B. In 3DS mode, the using method is a little different from other flashcards. You need to insert one FAT32 microSD card to your flashcard. The other steps are the same as other flashcards. Follow the Installing boot9strap (ntrboot) instruction in

Change the step 3 as: Insert one FAT32 microSD card(maximum capacity is 32GB) to your flashcard, then insert your flashcard into your device

Officcial website:

Package Content

  • 1 x Ace3DS X
  • 1 x USB card reader
  • 1 x Magnet
Play Nintendo DS GamesFor 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL/NDS
Play SNES/NES GamesFor Nintendo DS/DSI/DS Lite/3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DSXL
Support NTRboothax for installing CFWFlashcarts pre-flashed NTRboothax

Ace3ds X more detailed user guide for installing 3DS CFW to play free 3ds game can be read in our Official Blog. Just wait for the Link! Or, if you don't know how to use it to play NDS games on your 3DS/2DS consoles, follow the instruction here.


2 orders placed, both went great!

This is my 2nd order, the first order went so well when I needed another sx pro I ordered again from mos3dscard and it went as smooth as the first.

Great email communication and timely shipped orders. Well run store and had no issues in the process.


    Good customer service and products!

    I ordered an R4i card from the website, and they were super nice when I made a slight mistake in my address. They fixed it promptly, and I even got to speak with the owner of the website which was pretty cool. I recommend this website to everyone who's looking for flashcards for your DS, or other consoles.

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    Best NTR card

    Thanks for your official help at first, sorry I don't know the Ace3ds X was included in the USB reader.


      Quick and efficient

      Takes 7 days to Australia with a very cheap shipping, thanks much.


        Much expensive than others

        This site has a much expensive than others, but the shipping service is the Fastest, so that's ok with me.


          I heard the ace3ds X no timebomb

          checked the information from internet and official site, really no timebomb, the price really good!!


            It works

            You have been so helpful, the card works and all my games run well on the console, thanks again.


              I love the card and you

              The best custom service, get a free 8gb sd card because I recommend the site to my friend, great!


                4 days to receive

                You guys are offering the genuine cards and a super fast shipping, will buy more soon.


                  good NtrBOOT CARD

                  receive it today, fast shipping, Delivered to Philadelphia with one day!! best


                    good service 5 star

                    Excellent service by seller, the Ace3ds X is also working greatly for cfw and ds games!


                      Fast delivery to Germany

                      I'm very satisfied with your shipping service, item comes from EU locally, without Custom or Tax fees and also arrives very fast, just 7 days!


                        Best Ace3ds I have used!

                        The Ace3ds X is exactly I want for playing DS games and instlling luma3ds CFW, everything is working well on my 2ds xl console. And you deliver it within 8 days with EU shipping, that's Great!


                          Easy to setup

                          Showed up earlier than expected, and its exactly what the seller says it is, best for ntrboot and ds games.



                            After reading a simple online tutorials I got this flashcard working and running, and it works great! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to DS games and CFW on a Nintendo 3DS.


                              8 days to United Kingdom

                              Order shipped via La Poste and arrived on the 8th day in UK, thanks will recommend my friends buying from you too. A good site to us in EU.


                                Can you ship from USA?

                                Are you support free shipping from USA or I need select USPS?
                                Reply: You should choose the USPS carrier in order.


                                  They are shipping from France!

                                  It's hard to find a local store to buy the ace3ds x in France, but I was recommended by my friend to choose your site, it's amazing, you really can ship from FR!

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                                    Ace3ds X|Best Ntrboot flashcard

                                    Ace3ds X|Best Ntrboot flashcard

                                    Ace3ds X is hacking any 3DS firmware device with Preflashed NTRboothax and playing Free DS games. It's the latest DS flashcard made by Better than Ace3ds plus, Ace3ds X supports installing CFW/B9S to any 3DS with simple steps and a switch to toggle between DS/NTR mode.

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